Today was our second doctors appointment. It was pretty uneventful. After waiting about an hour we finally got to see Dr. Bone for about 10 minutes. We did get to hear the heartbeat which was really cool but it did take her a little while to find it with the doppler. Its still pretty early and she said at our next appointment we’ll get another ultrasound and will hear the heartbeat better. So we are looking forward to the next appointment on April 2. We will be 15 weeks at that point, so that is pretty exciting! And by the next appointment after that we should be able to find out if we are having a boy or a girl!

Of course Bee is hoping for a boy. I told him the other day that I think we are having a girl and he blurts out, “dont say that!” He says little girls stress him out, he’s going to be really protective over any of our daughters. Ha!

In the past few weeks I have felt really nauseated and just yucky. But in the past few days I have started to feel better and can function again! I was taking zofran sparingly and then also started taking unisom before I went to bed. I found it helped me from waking up feeling sick, but I would be so groggy it almost wasn’t worth it. I eat colace like candy and it kind of helps.