Today was our 2 year anniversary. We went to dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steak House and everything was delicious, eveything but the steak! I loved the crab cakes and even the creamed spinach (though I’m sure it will give me gas late) and the sweet potato casserole was my favorite. But when they brought the steak out I literally took one look at it and wanted to hurl. How can this be! I love steak, especially Ruth’s! Welcome to pregnancy!

We are in our 2 trimester now as I am finally 12 weeks (actually its 12w 1d and yes that one day counts!) I woke up today and felt pretty good, compared to usual. I was hungry and knew if I didn’t eat soon I would start to feel sick. So I ran downstairs, ate my cereal and felt fine. We even made it out of the house today after Beebe’s morning meeting to go meet up with a group of local photographers for a luncheon. Normally I am in PJ’s until…. actually sometimes I never get out of them.

After the luncheon I got a call from my friend Georgina and she was calling to say she is pregnant with her third! She didn’t know she was pregnant, they were not trying and it just happens she is about 10-12 weeks along, so we are going to be pregnant together. She is super excited because now we can have play dates and we agreed I would come to the Northshore one week and she would come to the Southshore the next.

To celebrate my one day of no morning sickness and our anniversary we went and ordered our baby furniture. I’ll show some pictures when it comes in. But for now, here are some pictures of me 12 weeks pregnant. Now also these are also pictures of me after gorging myself on all the above mentioned food plus cheesecake. When the waiter brought our cheesecake he had a candle on it and told us happy anniversary. The couple sitting at the table next to us overheard and congratulated us and asked how long we have been married. They were very nice. When we stood up to leave the woman said to her husband, “aww look, she is pregnant” then she looked at me and smiled and told me how cute I look all pregnant.

I literally went from looking so not pregnant to looking so pregnant a stranger could tell. I just have a feeling I am going to get huge. Most people dont start to show anything until 5-6 months. I am only THREE and already I can’t button my jeans. Well I can but it’s really uncomfortable. And towards the end of the day, I can’t get close to buttoning them.